Sony Video Shows Off Playstation 4’s User Interface, Retail Box Also Revealed

playstation-4 ps4 e3-2013 (1)

The news for Playstation 4 is coming thick and fast, and today a promotional video unveiled by Polygon showcased the console’s user interface for the very first time. Though we got a brief demonstration back in February, this clip visualises a lot of the specifications that Sony have been championing in their briefings; including cross-game chat and instantaneous downloads. Check out the footage in full below.


There’s a clear emphasis on seamlessly connected play here. Gone are the days of the PS3’s sluggish cross-media bar (XMB) and shonky UI – in particular, the restrictive party chat which only permitted users to communicate with friends within the same game via headset. Combing over the footage, however, and it’s clear that the Playstation 4’s architecture tells a very different story. Gamers will be able to communicate with friends across separate games and, more impressively, different platforms – as illustrated by the girl beaming messages and accessing the Playstation store via her mobile phone.

Furthermore, the ability to share and stream in-game footage to other players provides a platform for friendly cooperation and, on the other hand, not-so-friendly competition. We also see our first glimpse of the machine’s headset, which will be bundled with every Playstation 4 for retail release. Sony confirmed that the preliminary console launch will provide consumers with access to the standard 500gb model, though given that the HDD is confirmed to be upgradeable, the company have carved out the option for larger sized hard drives further down the console’s ten year life span. Also, a prototype retail box was leaked on Gamestop Germany.


Nothing ostentatious. After all, it’s what’s inside the box that matters. But what are your early thoughts on the Playstation 4? Sony seems to have constructed a smooth, pick-up-and-play user experience, but the question is, will you be picking up the console this holiday season? Give us your thoughts in the comments.