Sony VP Kevin Butler Tweets The PS3 Jailbreak Code

In January George “Geohot” Hotz taught us how to hack the PlayStation 3 via a YouTube video. Today a man by the name of Travis La Marr got the “Sony VP” spokesman Kevin Butler to tweet the code that “jailbreaks” the PS3, if only for a little while.

Marr (@exiva) @replied Kevin Butler the code. As you see above, whoever runs the Butler Twitter account seemingly didn’t know what the code was, asking Marr if the VP’s battleship was just sank. Either that or Butler decided to play a joke on everybody by repeating the code. If it was a joke, someone didn’t find it funny, as the tweet has since been deleted.

On his Twitter account Marr said that he sent the tweet because of how Sony is handling the situation. It seems he isn’t happy with Sony trying to get the IP adresses for everyone who posted comments on the Geohot YouTube video. In the same court filing, Sony also asked Twitter to hand over the names of everyone in the fail0verflow group (which Geohot was a member of). Seems like a bit much to ask for. Almost enough to make you wish Sony would take a page from the RIAA playbook and just make an example of the one person they have. Almost.