Sony Not Worried About Wii U Launch, PS4 Games “In Development”

Speaking to Joystiq at E3 last week, SCEA Senior VP of Product Development Scott Rohde revealed that Sony is not concerned about the Wii U launch this year, or the potential early lead that it will have on the next-gen console race.

When asked if he was worried about the Wii U’s head start, Rohde replied, “Not at all. That’s the simple answer. In very similar fashion to the way I’m talking about game development. We have a very strong vision in what we believe we’re gonna do for the next generation. And we’re not talking about it at all yet.” Adding, “The reality is let’s build a great machine. And we’ll talk about it then.”

Rohde also told GameTrailers in a different interview that Sony is “not talking” about when they might launch the PlayStation 4 but admitted “anyone on the planet knows that… games are in development”.

With next-gen PlayStation games now confirmed to be in development I would suspect that Sony will officially start to talk about their next system sometime shortly after this Holiday shopping season, so as not to hurt PS3 sales. Additionally, these statements by Rohde all but confirm that next year at E3 PlayStation 4 will be pretty much all we are talking about when it comes to Sony news.

Source: VG247