Sony’s Gaikai May Stream Games To TVs, PCs And Mobile Devices


Sony’s intriguing streaming game service Gaikai may eventually allow users to stream their content on devices besides the company’s gaming consoles. Examples would include computers, smartphones, televisions and tablets.

In a recent Dengeki Online interview, Sony Computer Entertainment’s president Shuhei Yoshida explained the company’s ultimate goal of providing users access to their titles across all devices.

“Speaking of the ultimate goal, we would like to deliver PlayStation games to all devices. So we’re considering various things like PC, TVs, Blu-ray players, smartphones and tablets. We hope to continue to expand not only to Sony devices, but even to devices other than Sony’s.”

As of this moment though, Yoshida is not entirely sure how they would be able to accomplish this goal. While he did add that the technology is still being studied, it is clear that this feature is still quite a long ways out from being possible.

If Sony is able to figure out how to properly stream their titles to other devices, I would instantly be on board with Gaikai. I mean, I already plan on purchasing a PlayStation 4 anyway, but this would certainly be a major coup for the company and its fledgling streaming service.

Realistically speaking, I’m not so sure that PlayStation 4 titles would be able to be streamed onto some of these devices. Besides a high-end PC, I doubt that a majority of these devices have anywhere near the technological power to properly play next-gen games. What I think we are looking at instead is something similar to the PlayStation Vita. I think we will be able to play certain PlayStation Network downloadable titles, classic PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games and maybe some of the content that was released for the Vita and PlayStation Portable. Who knows though, maybe by the time this feature becomes available we will have smartphones that can fully run PS4 titles?

If Gaikai is able to stream games to other devices, are you more interested in going all digital for next-gen?