Sony’s President Lists Final Fantasy XV As His Game Of The Year

You might not have heard of Shuhei Yoshida before, but you’ve likely seen him at one point or another. As the President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios for Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., he’s often thought of as the face of the company, and if you’ve watched any of Sony’s E3 press conferences in the past few years, you’ve no doubt seen him on stage.

Like other executives in the video game industry (Reggie Fils-Aime from Nintendo comes to mind), Yoshida is a very outspoken, and equally as passionate about video games. Aside from teasing an excellent PlayStation 4 lineup for next year, he’s also a gamer himself, going so far as to platinum Bloodborne, which is well known for its high level of difficulty.

Speaking to 4Gamer (which was translated by Dualshockers), Yoshida listed Final Fantasy XV as his favorite title of 2016, explaining that:

Final Fantasy XV dropped the rules of the so-called JRPG, and I think it was successful in the bold attempt to redefine Final Fantasy on the same level with the current standard of RPG in the western industry with high action combat and open world.

The attitude “FF=Challenger” isn’t just about technology. I thought it was wonderful to share the situation of development by communicating directly with the users, and to convey the feeling of the world and the characters in advance with a movie and animation.

I think it’s a monumental achievement that will go down in the history of RPG, showing overseas game fan that the Japanese AAA gaming industry is also working hard.

Yoshida also took the time to Tweet about his progress. In case you’re curious, he’s completed the main game and is now spending some time flying around the in-game world.

Tell us, have you been enjoying Final Fantasy XV so far? Give us your thoughts in the comments section down below!