Sony’s Spider-Man PS4 Exclusive Has A Big Avengers Connection


Last week during E3, we learned a lot about the new Spider-Man PS4 exclusive being developed by Insomniac Games. And even though the event’s now over, the revelations continue, and some of them are pretty interesting.

YouTuber Caboose recently posted some gameplay footage from the convention and there’s a particularly exciting moment 53 seconds in. Pause on that frame in the player above and you’ll see Spider-Man perched on top of a high tower, looking out across the skyscrapers of New York City. One in particular stands out, though, as not only is it the tallest building in the landscape, but it prominently features a red Avengers logo.

What could it mean? Well, the most obvious possibility is that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will feature. Or at least a few of them, like Iron Man (who’s been rumored) or Bruce Banner. With a cast of characters that already’s confirmed to include Mary Jane Watson, Kingpin, Miles Morales and others, it certainly wouldn’t be outside the scope of the game.

On the other hand, there’s another possibility which is arguably even more exciting. Insomniac has stated already that this Spider-Man title will be a separate entity from the film, which is probably why the Avengers Tower has a different appearance. But they’ve also said that there could be an entire Marvel Games Universe in our future. There were no promises, but the implications are clear. If Spider-Man sells well and draws in the kind of acclaim the studio’s after, we could be looking at a whole new franchise.

With that in mind, perhaps Insomniac are thinking ahead and setting the stage for future titles, one or more of which could revolve around the Avengers. One way or another, Spider-Man will be released on September 7th and will be available only on PlayStation 4.

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