Sony’s Zombie MMO H1Z1 To Shuffle Onto Steam Early Access In January


Sony has announced that its upcoming zombie survival title H1Z1 will make its debut on Steam Early Access on January 15, 2015.

Taking to Reddit, the publisher’s online entertainment boss, John Smedley detailed the status of the ambitious MMO, stating that allowing players to experiment with the alpha build is the perfect method of approach for a game of this nature.

“This gives us just enough time to polish what we have and put out something we’ll be proud of and hopefully you’ll be excited to play. It’s everything Early Access should be – a fun and compelling game that isn’t finished. Our goal is to have you help us finish it and have it be a game we can build a large community in over time.”

And while it bears similarities to another zombie survival title on the client, Smedley admitted that H1Z1 is not striving to ape Bohemia Interactive’s widely popular DayZ. In fact, it’s almost certain that Sony’s new IP won’t hit the post-apocalyptic ground running in the vein of DayZ, but that’s not to say the publisher can’t build upon the foundations laid in January to create a deep and rewarding survival experience.

“We’re not as feature rich and they have a lot of really cool stuff we just don’t have yet. That being said, we’re also a different game. We’re an MMO and our goals are to create a large scale world that gives you the incredible feeling of being a survivor in a zombie apocalypse.”

Come January, it’s understood that two versions of H1Z1 will be made available on Steam’s Early Access, with the basic version costing $19.99 and the premium edition — which is yet to be priced — opening up access to additional game mode servers. Sony will launch an early build of its zombie MMO on January 15th.