Soul Calibur V Has 20-30 Characters And Half Will Be New

The talented people over at Namco Bandai revealed that next year’s Soul Calibur V will boast a character roster consisting of somewhere between 10-15 entirely new faces, alongside a similar number of the series classic fighters. Taking place 17 years after Soulcalibur IV, Namco says that Soul Calibur V “is poised to become the preeminent fighting game experience of 2012.”

Although we know that two of them will be the recently unveiled ‘Pyrrha and Patroklos’, Namco told CVG that Soul Calibur V is only 15% complete at the moment and it’s aiming for a 2012 release on the XBOX 360 and PS3. Like many fans, I can’t wait for the prince of swordplay to return in all its colourful sparks sometime next year. With a dozen new characters anticipated, this sequel is going to be a major step up in the franchise.

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