Soul Calibur 5 Reveal Imminent?

After the acceptably playable and largely unoriginal Soul Calibur 4, the only other entry in the franchise since has been the PSP instalment ‘Broken Destiny’. Whilst the handheld version is a right barrel of knives, axes, and uber-slick swordplay, it’s not the big sequel the series clearly needed. Following the line of various rumours and hush hush reports, things seem to be pointing towards a May reveal…so anytime now?

After launching a mysterious teaser site (seriously are they still mysterious when EVERYBODY does one for their game? Ahem) with an oh-so-clever picture of a book and a sword, game director Daishi Odashima responded to a comment on the website with a knowing “guess what?”; Implying the return of a familiar name. It doesn’t take any great stretch of imagination to make the link.

Obviously this could be a whole lot of smelly smoke but as it stands, Namco Bandai are set to pull the curtain up for something. Everyone just thinks it’s going to be Soul Calibur 5, we can hope right? Swashbuckling was nearly going out of fashion,sort of.