South Park: The Game Announces Final Class – “The Jew”

In a ridiculous yet surprisingly unsurprising announcement, the Obsidian-developed RPG, South Park: The Game has revealed its fifth and final class: The Jew.

So, along with the Paladin, Wizard, Rogue and Adventurer class, you have the option of fighting as a member of the ethnic group known for its long history of diaspora and hardship. Though, if anyone can make this funny, it is definitely Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

As for the special abilities of this new class, I am not even going to speculate. I will just let the dynamic duo, along with Obsidian, decide and announce the somewhat offensive yet hilarious powers that the Jew will have at his disposal.

It’s pretty funny that I already had this “class” in mind when learning that there would be a mystery class. Considering the importance of it within the broad storyline of South Park, I was almost certain that Judaism would have a large part to play in the game. Now that it has been announced, I am hoping they make it a positive and interesting addition to the game, rather than a ploy. But I am sure Trey and Matt will relay their creative genius to the developer, allowing for this class to provide extra value to the game.

Although I am wondering how “in-depth” they can get with this RPG as a whole, I would love to see South Park: The Game succeed. With the golden touch of Parker and Stone, along with their extensive experience and love for gaming, this endeavor should turn out well. It’s expected to launch on PC, 360 and PS3, sometime in 2012.

Any thoughts on this new class, or what you would like to see in the game? Let us know