South Park: The Stick Of Truth Reveals New Screenshots

Alongside its E3 presentation, South Park: The Stick of Truth assaulted us with swathes of information and some sensational images. Never ones to stay quiet for long, the boys, and a host of other characters, are back due to Obsidian releasing four more screenshots from the game.

Showing four distinct and rather fittingly daft locations, there is an intriguing mix of the fantastical and the familiar on display. I am not sure which image frightens me more: the cemetery that stands ominously in the moonlight, the crazy sword wielding City Wok owner or what appears to be Cartman’s Kingdom. Actually, scratch that I know exactly which one worries me more – I would take anything over Cartman with power, even of the imaginary kind.

This game looks incredibly promising so far, and has already delivered in terms of the aesthetic design. Will this be worthy of the classic cartoon? I suppose the truth will out when South Park: The Stick of Truth releases on March 5.

Until then, try to form a coherent narrative around the following screenshots, and be sure to stick around for more on this one: