Soviet-Themed Sandbox Game The Tomorrow Children Will March Onto PlayStation 4 This Autumn


When it was first unveiled back at Gamescom last year, Q-Games’ atypical sandbox title The Tomorrow Children almost defied description. Having already worked across a myriad of PixelJunk games for Sony, this was a studio of considerable clout, meaning that the ears of PlayStation 4 owners were collectively piqued.

Fast forward a year and we now know that the Soviet Union-themed adventure title will launch exclusively for Sony’s current-gen platform this autumn. The announcement arrived in tandem with a wonderfully weird new trailer for The Tomorrow Children, showcasing its Minecraft qualities and emphasis on player creation, “collaborative building, social economics and a Soviet Union-themed post-apocalyptic dystopia.”

Taking to PlayStation Blog, Q-Games President and Executive Producer Dylan Cuthbert offered up some fresh details on this most unusual PS4 exclusive.

“Players will take control the fate of their town and eventually the world itself as they build up and expand it from a nearly empty outpost into a lively home filled with shops, facilities, and even a home of their very own, all while defending everything they’ve built in life and death struggles with invaders from the edges of existence.”

As Cuthbert mentions, The Tomorrow Children will be situated in a pot-apocalyptic world, and the doll-like personas you see in the trailer above are referred to as Projection Clones. What sets the title apart from its peers is the Soviet Union aesthetic, and if anything, Q-Games has captured our attention with its atypical approach to the sandbox genre.

The Tomorrow Children will march exclusively onto PlayStation 4 this autumn. Stay tuned for more on Q-Games’ wonderfully weird title, and be sure to leave your early impressions down in the comments below.