Spanish Ninja Vega Returns For Street Fighter V


The Street Fighter series’ most famous Spaniard – Vega – is back, and boy, does he look phenomenal. The Spanish ninja’s announcement for Street Fighter V comes only a few weeks after Capcom revealed Necalli – a brand new character to the series – at the EVO Championships.

You can watch the announcement trailer above to witness the full glory of Vega’s return, but what you’ll probably notice immediately is the character’s new look. Next year’s sequel to Street Fighter IV has been making the headlines all over the internet recently, due to some of the fundamental changes Capcom have made to certain fan-favourite characters, and Vega is no different.

Don’t get too concerned, though, the changes aren’t as dramatic as the ones made to Ken or Birdie – Vega’s just got some new clothes. The fighter looks much more akin to a Spanish matador now, adorning himself with a frilly Flamenco shirt for added flair.

In terms of fighting style, Vega’s move-set is still all about speed and flitting attacks. However, the character now has the ability to switch between two fighting styles: claw or no-claw. The claw variation plays much like you’re used to, but the non-claw variant gives Vega access to command grabs and other new attacks.

The trailer ends with Vega executing his V-Trigger ability – that’s a super or ultra move, in case you were unaware – Bloody Kiss, which launches his opponent into the air at alarming speed.

Honestly, Vega has never looked better, and if you’re attending this year’s Gamescom in Germany, you’ll be able to get a hands-on with him.

Tell us, what are your thoughts on the new-look Vega? Are you still waiting for your favourite character to be announced for Street Fighter V? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: VideoGamer

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