The Sparrow Racing League Comes To Destiny Tomorrow


Destiny players can look forward to some competitive racing events in-game tomorrow as part of a free update. Starting December 7, The Sparrow Racing League will go live for Guardians, enabling up to six players to race against each other through different locations on Mars and Venus. With this being Destiny though, you can expect a catch – enemies will be present in any given race that will – among other things – do their best to get in your way and throw you off your game.

Such a mode has been high on the most wanted list for Destiny players for some time, and Bungie finally delivered by announcing that very thing at last weekend’s PlayStation experience.

In addition to the above, PlayStation 4 players can look forward to some tantalising exclusives. Among them are a quest to compliment Sparrow racing, and some exclusive gear rewards for the monthly Iron Banner event.

Destiny‘s seen several free content updates released since The Taken King expansion hit, which has been made possible through the introduction of micro-transactions that that lets players buy emotes with real cash. Bungie are still keeping quiet on whether the MMOFPS will be getting any paid-for expansions in the same vein as The Dark Below or the House Of Wolves, but we’ll just have to wait and see where the developer plans to go next.