Spawn’s Mortal Kombat 11 Tower Ending Revealed


Everyone (well, maybe not the demons of hell) is in love with Spawn right now.

The character, often seen as a comic book icon of the 90s, has proven to still have a massive fan base behind him as of late thanks to a certain upcoming crossover. Next week, Mortal Kombat 11 players will get to play as the antihero himself in-game in both online matches and solo content. As is usually the case with new roster additions, however, you’ll likely want to avoid multiplayer until the hype dies down, or else be prepared for an endless number of mirror matches featuring Todd McFarlane’s cult creation.

But worry not, because there’s plenty of single-player content to enjoy while piloting the servant of hell. Besides standard arcade brawls, Spawn has his own in-universe narrative in the form of highly replayable mode, Towers of Time.

Like Joker and Terminator before him, reaching the top of Spawn’s story Tower and defeating the final opponent (Mortal Kombat 11 big bad, Kronika) that awaits will trigger his ending to play and you need not wait until next week to watch it, either. Check out the footage, revealed via NetherRealm’s Kombat Kast just moments ago, above.

Hardly a stranger when it comes to the topic of hell and its inhabitants, Al Simmons’ story comes to an end with him vowing to end the threat of NetherRealm (the plane of existence; not developer) on Earth. Enlisting the likes of Sub-Zero and Scorpion to aid him in battle, the character can be seen overlooking the underworld, itself populated with several familiar faces including primary Spawn antagonist, Malebolgia. Look close enough, and you’ll even be able to spot the Violator. Awesome stuff.

Spawn is out for Mortal Kombat 11 next week, March 17th as part of early access. A full release is scheduled to follow on March 24th.