Special Forces: Team X Now Available On XBLA and Steam

Zombie Studios, the creators of the Blacklight series, have officially released Special Forces: Team X today for PC and XBLA. Players will be able to jump straight into the fast-paced, 3rd person shooter action, which focuses on team-based tactical combat. Granted, this may not sound like entirely new territory for gaming, but the real twist comes when gamers uncover the level of customization that STX places in the hands of the player.

Prior to each match a real time map selection system pops on screen that divides the battlefield into three distinct zones. The layout of each map is determined by the teams in order to create over one hundred possible combinations for the war zone. This grants each map with the potential to be an entirely new experience, and offer players a constantly changing tactical challenge.

How you play is left entirely up to you. Load-outs offer a variety of customization options such as gear, clothing, weapons, attachments, skills, and even taunts. Mixing and matching these items, as you level up, allows players to play exactly how they want. Players can even equip exclusively licensed weaponry like the Kalashnikov or Sig Sauer. STX’s key focus is giving players options, and then getting out of the way for the inevitable frag-fest.

Five multiplayer modes make their way into the fray. Trigger happy players will be able to light up enemies in matches like Hot Zone and High Value Target in separate teams of two, three, or even four. Having multiple teams fighting against one another seems to be fairly rare in multiplayer games, so it’s refreshing to see Zombie Studios putting it back on the table.

Special Forces: Team X will set you back 1200 Microsoft points or $14.99 on Steam. Be sure to check back soon for our full review on the game shortly.