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Special Pokémon Press Conference Confirmed For May 28th

The Pokémon Company confirmed earlier today that a new Nintendo Direct presentation dedicated solely to revealing new Sword and Shield news is coming.


The Pokémon world is about to be set ablaze with several new announcements, it seems.

For what’s felt like aeons, following the initial reveal of Pokémon Sword and Shield, developer Game Freak has remained tight-lipped in regards to the pair of Switch titles. With a release window rumored for November this year, fans have been speculating to no end as to when the uncharacteristically long period of radio silence will reach its end, though it appears now we know.

Earlier today, Nintendo confirmed via press release that long-awaited further details concerning Generation 8 will finally arrive next week in the form of a new Direct presentation, but that’s not all. Somewhat overshadowed by the above, The Pokémon Company further confirmed the start times for a separate conference due to take place, and this one’s much closer to home. In fact, the event kicks off tomorrow, May 28th, in Tokyo, and promises to cover a “number of topics of interest to Pokémon fans.”

A surprise, to be sure, but one that, beyond the aforementioned start date, we know little about. With 15 minutes of air time already allocated solely to Sword and Shield, it’s likely safe to assume that tomorrow’s affair, whatever it is, will either only briefly mention the flagship games, or gloss over them entirely in favor of discussing the wider franchise. If that’s the case, there’s certainly no shortage of content to talk about.

Pokémon Go, in particular, remains a hot property for Niantic and a heavyweight in the mobile market, so time allocated to discussing its future is certainly possible, if not wholly expected. But it’s not all about games, is it? In light of Detective Pikachu‘s success, The Pokémon Company can now claim to have conquered Hollywood. With sequels already confirmed and a CGI remake of original animated film Pokémon: The First Movie due out next month, there’s plenty to shout about.

For now, though, all of the above remains unconfirmed. Be sure to check back with us tomorrow though, following the event’s climax, for all of the official Pokémon news to spill out of Tokyo. Stay tuned.