Need For Speed Details Its Icons Via Gamescom Trailer


If you’ve been following the game since E3, then you’re likely aware of the fact that Ghost Games’ upcoming Need for Speed reboot will continue its series’ trend of featuring live actors. It’s how they’ll fit in, however, that’s news.

It seems that the idea behind the game’s career mode is to align oneself with a particular icon, via its five different ways of playing. Perhaps your driving style will best suit trickster Ken Block’s mantra, or you’ll be more of a build or crew type of person and fit in better with those styles’ respective icons. In the end, it’s really up to you and how you want to play the game.

Ghost Games did mention how the new Need for Speed was going to be a mix of the old and the new, and this is surely what they meant.

We’ll find out how well it all works when Need for Speed is released in early November.

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