Need For Speed: Rivals Attempts To Merge Singleplayer And Multiplayer


Ghost Games’ stage demo at Electronic Arts’ press conference this year at E3 attempted to show gamers how Need for Speed: Rivals is aiming to shatter the lines between single player and multiplayer.

The demo began with a single racer joining a frantic single-player race as he struggled to pull ahead and claim the top spot. As the race continued, a second player dynamically entered the race as a police cruiser attempting to bring the race to a dead stop. What truly made the demo impressive occurred as a third player joined the race on a smart tablet, effectively activating Overwatch mode. This allowed him to set up roadblocks and call in helicopters to back up the police cruiser. And yes, this all happens in real time.

Stay tuned for more information on Need for Speed: Rivals and check out the demo and the new trailer below: