Need For Speed: The Run As Directed By Michael Bay

If you’re looking to get an audience excited about a movie, game or television show, then a good trailer is just what the doctor ordered. Taking this philosophy into account, Electronic Arts partnered up with director Michael Bay, to develop an action-packed preview for Need For Speed: The Run.

Utilizing all of the things that make Michael Bay‘s work so identifiable, the brief trailer includes pulse-pounding action and tons of thrills. Keeping it in check are some interest piquing story scenes, which detail the high-intensity coast to coast race which the game showcases. Nothing is left behind in this all-out, action-filled look at one of this holiday season’s most anticipated titles.

Need For Speed: The Run will bring high-intensity racing to gamers’ homes on November 15, 2011. Having enjoyed my hands-on time with the game at a recent preview event, I cannot wait to speed through its entire campaign.

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