New Need For Speed Trailer Focuses On Personalizing One’s Ride


One word that perfectly encapsulates the theme of EA’s upcoming Need for Speed reboot is “expression.” That’s because, not only does the game allow its players to tune and drive their steel chariots as they wish, but it’s also set to feature the most robust and intricate customization suite in series history.

The reboot’s newly released trailer is all about customization, too, and spends time going over exactly how racers will be able to personalize their rides and express themselves through them. And, as you’ll see, there just so happens to be a ton of options at your disposal, thanks to the new Need for Speed Wrap mechanic, which allows you to alter and transform every part of the game’s automotive roster.

Expect to be able to get your hands on Need for Speed on November 3rd of this year, and stay tuned for more news as it develops.