Spider-Man PS4 Unveils Enticing New Screenshots, Will Feature Open World

Prior to the moment when the lights went down on Sony’s E3 showcase, all signs pointed to inFamous studio Sucker Punch taking the reins of a licensed Spider-Man game for Marvel.

As it turns out, those rumors were fairly off base, with Sony revealing that Insomniac, fresh from resurrecting Ratchet & Clank, will take point on Spider-Man PS4. Precious few details were offered up during the conference – Sony’s keynote did move along at a good clip, after all – but with E3 2016 now in full swing, Insomniac has outlined some key features PlayStation 4 owners can expect from the superhero experience.


First up, it is in no way affiliated with Jon Watts’ 2017 feature film and instead features an “original story.” Expect to clock eyes on both Peter Parker and Spider-Man suited and booted, and in electing Insomniac to helm the project, Marvel Games Creative Director Bill Rosemann believes the Sunset Overdrive devs are the perfect fit:

“Not only are they world class game developers that make phenomenal story-driven experiences, but they also craft games bursting with personality, humor and most importantly: fun…just like Spidey!”

“The Marvel Games team is determined to deliver authentic Marvel experiences filled with our magic mix of action, drama, humor, romance, social relevance, and jaw-dropping awesomeness. This all-new Spider-Man game and our partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment and Insomniac is a direct result of our wholehearted dedication to creating the best Marvel games the world has ever seen!”

Spider-Man PS4 has apparently been in development for “quite some time,” indicating that Insomniac’s licensed title may not be too far off after all.