Spider-Man 2 Reportedly Releasing In 2021 For PlayStation 5

Spider-Man Ps4

Buckle up, Spider-Man fans, it looks as if the Wall-Crawler’s video game escapades are far from finished.

Released last year, Insomniac Games’ PlayStation 4 exclusive arrived to overwhelming critical acclaim for its loyalty to Marvel’s source material, boasting a charming – and personal – story arc for the web-slinging hero both in-costume and out. Peter Parker’s tale, however, is far from concluded, it seems. Following his climactic battle against the Sinister Six, it appears as if New York’s self-proclaimed protector is being primed for further adventures on next-gen consoles.

And when, exactly, is the sequel rumored to be arriving? According to one reliable source, 2021 is the date Spidey fans will want to mark on their calendars.

As per Kinda Funny Games’ Imran Khan, the follow-up title is on course to hit retail in time for the aforementioned date, specifically “Christmas 2021.” Further elaborating on their suspicions, Khan says “I know too much about this so I can’t speculate too much,” adding “I think Spider-Man 2 will come sooner than we think.”

In light of the above, then, the obvious question is, who will be the primary villain for Spider-Man this time around? Given the events that occur in the original’s closing moments, there are several likely scenarios. First and foremost, there’s the cliffhanger ending to make note of. Norman Osborn’s terminally ill son is undoubtedly going to play a major role in any future narrative, which, some fans believe, could see him adopt the mantle of Venom, judging by the mysterious web-like substance present in his stasis chamber.

There is, of course, the small matter of Miles Morales to consider, too. While the popular character was playable during specific segments in the original, Insomniac could likely be planning to expand his role for future installments. Whatever the case, we can’t wait to welcome  Spider-Man back to PlayStation in the not too distant future, but what about you?

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