Spinal Officially Unveiled For Killer Instinct


Double Helix’s Killer Instinct seems to be regarded as one of the better Xbox One launch titles, so thankfully the developer looks to keep fresh content coming for the downloadable tournament fighter. While one particular returning veteran has already been teased at in past trailers, we now have some official media and a promise that gamers will be able to download the sentient warrior skeleton Spinal in the near future.

Spinal appeared in both of the original Killer Instinct games in arcades, as well as the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 back in the nineties. From the three screenshots released so far, this new Spinal appears to have a lot more in the way of detail and accessories, making for an overall heavier appearance than his more basic original form. Returning physical features include his sword, bandana, and glowing red eyes, but he also has some rope, a redesigned shield, and even what appears to be a ragged kilt.

There’s no concrete date for Spinal’s release just yet, though the article that originally published the screenshots promises that, ‘He’ll be making his way into Killer Instinct soon.”

Tell us, ae you interested in stepping into Spinal’s skeletal shoes again?  Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Destructoid