Splatoon Getting New Squid Sisters Amiibo In July


Nintendo has just announced the latest additions to their popular lineup of Amiibo figurines, as last year’s popular Wii U shooter Splatoon will be getting a few more characters immortalized in plastic. The most notable of these is the duo of Callie and Marie, AKA the Squid Sisters. Though not playable, the pair are prominent characters in the game, announcing the latest new levels and features on a daily basis.

Unlike existing Splatoon Amiibo, which unlocked various challenges and character equipment, the bonuses both characters offer seem more simple, as the above trailer indicates that they will primarily provide alternative music and background dances for the main hub.  Still, Splatoon is one of Nintendo’s bigger hits in recent years, and the Squid Sisters are fan favorites, so there will likely be many people eager to purchase these.


Additionally, alternately colored variants of the existing Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl figures will also be coming out, though it remains unconfirmed if their functionality will be any different than the current versions.

Both Callie and Marie will be released on July 7 in Japan, July 8 in North America and Europe, and July 9 in New Zealand. Oddly, while Europe and Japan will sell the two separately, Americans and Australians will be limited to a combo pack for $25 USD. The variants will also launch in July, sold individually for $13 or as a bundle with an Inkling Squid Amiibo for $35.

Tell us, are you interested in picking up any of these Amiibo? Let us know down below.