Splinter Cell: Blacklist Launch Date Manuevers Into the Light


Splinter Cell: Blacklist fans should be prepping for the launch of the newest Sam Fisher adventure, which kicks off on August 20th, 2013.

The release date reveal comes alongside a brand new trailer released earlier today. Taking the all too familiar story approach of emphasizing the protection of the Constitution of the United States, we know once again that Sam Fisher is the only hope for National security. The trailer builds the tension as we witness famous US Presidents being sworn in to presidency, alongside the dangerous operative walking along city streets. Inevitably, we hear that beautiful sound of his legendary Night Vision Goggles bursting to life, and a little part of you just warms up inside.

Fans will be able to see glimpses of the new techniques and improved animations of our favorite Third, wait Fourth, Echelon operative in action, putting on display a wide range of familiar and new techniques that you will have at your disposal in August. Perhaps, the greatest technique Sam implements happens in the last seconds of the trailer. I refuse to blow the lid on it, so now would be the best time to watch it.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is sure to be hit among the stealth community, and luckily the game appears to be shaping up extremely well. The team at Ubisoft is taking the best elements of Conviction and bringing Sam Fisher’s stealth into a wider range of gameplay environments. The best part…it looks as if the team has decided to remove the color fade to black and white once you enter stealth. The game just looks too gorgeous and why would you take away from that?

Hungry for more Splinter Cell: Blacklist information? Good, here’s a few developer videos that highlight some of the important features of the game. Enjoy!

Source: IGN

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