Splinter Cell HD Collection Delayed Till September?

Some of you may remember the days long past many moons ago when Ubisoft first confirmed that a high definition remake of the original (and arguably the best) three Splinter Cell games was in the works. The re-mastered PS2 titles were all set to be released sometime between late last year and early 2011, sadly nothing popped into existence.  Ubisoft seem determined to keep this highly anticipated remake under publishing waters indefinitely it seems as now Amazon, GameStop, and GameFly have all listed the collection for a September 27th release.

For people like me who first started getting excited about the prospect of having an excuse to revisit the games that ultimately defined Sam Fisher and his legitimate threat to Snake and Metal Gear, the never ending motion that seems to stop the Splinter Cell Collection ever coming out, is ridiculous, laughable, and tragic.

Maybe if we’re lucky Ubisoft changed their mind about not including the award winning multiplayer modes, and have now begun working tirelessly to create a relevant and enticing online experience. We can only hope.

It’s examples like this that give the games industry the worst reputation for estimated release windows. Bear in mind this package had a May AND June release date.