Splinter Cell Trilogy Ditches Multiplayer

I can’t begin to express how gutted I am. As soon as word got round that the original Splinter Cells were getting the HD treatment, the first thing that exploded in my mind was the multiplayer first introduced in Pandora Tomorrow. Many Sam Fisher loyalists had been hoping to hear word from Ubisoft, confirming the resurrection of the fantastic and unique online multiplayer, and with the release mysteriously getting pushed back very abruptly things were looking exciting.

Yesterday word broke via Ubisoft’s Alex Monney that the Splinter Cell Trilogy was not going to be boasting the multiplayer modes, and that it had been axed along with the entire co-op campaign.

Whilst the single player SC experience was no doubt its best during the Chaos Theory-and-before era, the sudden expansion of the formula was like a dream. To me and I’m sure many others, this is almost criminal. Aside from giving us a glossy coat of graphical fashion upgrades, the ‘remake’ is actually MISSING features! I can point blank confirm now that I’m not going to be slapping any cash down for this half eaten watermelon.

Perhaps they are secretly still working on it (highly doubtful) and will release the rest of the games as *gasp* additional DLC you can purchase in a couple of months. Considering we’ve had our eye of optimistic hunger on this package for months now, I can’t help but feel completely let down.

Thoughts chaps and chap-ettes? How many actually played the originals?