Spooky New Resident Evil Revelations Media Surfaces

In several days, Resident Evil Revelations will become available to survival horror loving gamers in Japan. As a result, it’s no surprise that the 26th of January will be a huge day for Capcom, as one of its most anticipated titles will launch at home. To celebrate the occasion, they’ve released a brand new set of media for the portable game, which aims to show us what goes bump in the night.

Below, you will find Revelations‘ recently-released Japanese launch trailer, as well as a large set of brand new (and impressive looking) screenshots. Keep in mind that the images’ utilized resolution and size is different from what you’ll find on the 3DS, but be assured that this game does look great in action. I’ve played through its demo and loved the experience. Its visuals were jaw-dropping.

North America will be the last region to receive Resident Evil Revelations on February 7. After launching in Japan, both Europe (January 27) and Australia (February 2) will receive the game before us.

[Sorry, the video is currently unavailable]

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