Square Details Graphic Options For Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII On PC As New Images Emerge

Given that the RPG threequel was originally pegged for an arrival in the spring, it’s fair to say that the release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII on PC is long overdue, though fans of Square’s franchise needn’t have to wait too much longer.

And so, ahead of its debut on the platform next week – December 10, to be exact – the publisher has taken to Steam to detail some of the adjustable graphics options that will be featured in the PC port. From depth of field to tinkering with the texture filters, Lightning Returns offers a considerable amount of settings to those who want to tailor their gameplay experience.

Here’s a full list courtesy of Square Enix:

  • Rendering resolution
  • Scaling of the display area
  • Shadow processing
  • Texture filters
  • Color correction
  • Depth of field
  • Lighting
  • Glare

Not only that, but the long-awaited PC port of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will support both full-screen and windowed display modes, as well as maximum performance of 1080p/60fps. Play around with the technical minutia of the settings and you’ll be able to render Lightning’s adventure like never before, though it remains to be seen if there’s still a demand for the conclusive chapter after such a prolonged wait – Final Fantasy XIII was released for PC in October 2014, after all.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII hits PC on December 10.