Square Enix Holds Back Hitman Physical Release Until Early 2017


Sharp-suited and rebooted, Agent 47 was dispatched on a new Parisian mission earlier this week in what proved to be the first episodic release of Square Enix’s Hitman revival.

It marks the beginning of a steady stream of content, with new assignments poised to be rolled out throughout 2016 featuring Italy, Morocco, Thailand, Japan and the USA. There’s a seventh and secretive location that is yet to be revealed at the time of writing.

Originally, developer IO Interactive had planned to launch a complete version of Hitman before the year’s end, but as revealed to VideoGamer, the comprehensive package won’t hit until January 2017.

Per VideoGamer:

“This year is all about delivering the best episodic experience for Hitman and that takes us to Autumn/Fall,” IO said in a statement releases this afternoon “Releasing the disc version in January just makes sure we have enough time after the season concludes to dedicate to getting the best disc version of the game out.”

A total of seven episodes of Hitman will be released digitally across the course of 2016. Agent 47 kicked off his global espionage mission in the French capital earlier this week in North America, and we’ll keep you updated as the new episodes roll out over the coming months.