Square Enix Are Now Offering Their Third Humble Bundle

Square Enix bundle

For the third time in their history, Square Enix have teamed up with the guys at Humble Bundle to offer up the Humble Square Enix Bundle 3. The tiered package includes up to $205 worth of PC gaming goods, with the players able to get their hands on some of the titles for as little as just a buck.

The most basic part of the bundle – available to anyone spending a dollar or more – gets you Episode One of Life Is Strange as well as Murdered: Soul Suspect and the first three games of the original Tomb Raider series. Paying progressively more can also see you get hold of titles like Just Cause, Just Cause 2 or even the Game Of The Year edition of the Tomb Raider reboot.

The bundle has been purchased more than one hundred thousand times already; and it’s easy to see why given the slew of great games on offer for such a good price. What’s also great is that purchasing the bundle will see some of the proceeds donated to the Make A Wish and GamesAid charities.

So, whether you’re looking for some last minute gift ideas or you’re already thinking of spoiling yourself, check out Humble Bundle before the deal expires in just under two weeks.