Square Enix Drops Gorgeous New Stills For Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel's Avengers

Last year, Square Enix revealed that it was working on an action-adventure game called Marvel’s AvengersAs its title suggests, it’ll allow players to step into the shoes of America’s most famous superheroes.

Don’t let the title deceive you too much, though, because the project will be connected to the MCU only in name. When Square Enix released its first trailer, fans were excited at the prospect of being able to fly around the skies as Iron Man, and smash cars whenever they control the Hulk. However, much to their disappointment, Square didn’t receive the licensing rights that would allow them to copy Marvel’s repertoire beat by beat. In other words, while the game will feature all of the brand’s greatest names, they’ll appear as unique iterations rather than the ones we’ve come to know and love through the countless Hollywood blockbusters produced over the years.

Seeing Thor and Tony appear with slightly different faces and talk with subtly altered voices is uncanny to say the least, but let’s hope the game’s amazing story and entertaining gameplay will provide an ample distraction from these little imperfections. And these new screenshots below do seem to imply that that will be the case. From elaborate street brawls to iconic team-ups, Marvel’s Avengers seems to allow players the opportunity realize their dream of becoming a powerful vigilante.

According to Square Enix, the game will be as much strategy-based as narrative-based, meaning that while you’ll progress through a linear storyline, you’ll also have the ability to assemble your team in whatever way you see fit.

While this approach evokes the strategy-based MCU titles of the past, it’s too bad we won’t get to see an Avengers game that goes all out on the story. Maybe one day.