Square Enix Is Revealing A New Action Game At Next Week’s Tokyo Game Show


A new page has appeared on Square Enix’s dedicated Tokyo Game Show website, teasing a reveal of an unannounced action title. Courtesy of the translation by DualShockers, the mystery game is due to be unveiled on September 15 as part of the publisher’s main stage presentation, but that’s all there is to go on, unfortunately.

The original page doesn’t appear to make any reference to the game being a sequel or an entirely new IP, so attempting to narrow down the possibilities at this point would be a lesson in futility. However, considering that Square will be giving the title screen time on their main stage, we can only assume that it’s something relatively big.

A further demonstration is due to be held on September 18 that will be livestreamed on Square’s NicoNico and YouTube channels at 9:05 pm PST/ midnight EST, so if you’re interested in what the Japanese company has up their sleeve, make a note in your diary.

Tokyo Game Show kicks off next week, September 15, and is sure to have all the latest news and reveals for this year’s biggest games, including Final Fantasy XV. With any luck, we may even get some long-awaited details for the Nintendo NX. Fingers crossed, eh?

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