Square Enix RPG I Am Setsuna Will Be A Nintendo Switch Launch Title


First-party support for the Nintendo Switch on launch day may essentially be restricted to just one game – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – but the new hardware will at least have some decent third-party titles backing it up throughout the month of March. Case in point: I Am Setsuna, last year’s RPG headed by Square Enix’s Tokyo RPG Factory. According to the brief press release sent to Polygon, this version of the traditional RPG will contain new never-before-seen features, including a new “Temporal Battle Arena” mode that allows players to pit their own hardened party against others, presumably through the Switch’s online services.

Released last year for PlayStation 4 and PC, I Am Setsuna takes place in a frigid world plagued by demons. The player character is tasked with seeking out the titular Setsuna, a maiden charged with sacrificing herself to eliminate the threat once and for all. Praised for its art style and battle systems, I Am Setsuna is the first game developed by Tokyo RPG Factory, a division formed by Square Enix in order to bring life back to the traditional JRPG, which has fallen in popularity over recent years. Final Fantasy XV‘s success and the upcoming Persona 5, along with I Am Setsuna‘s impending Switch release will hopefully be all the genre needs in order to drive back to the forefront of gamers minds.

Nintendo Switch launches March 3 in North America for the recommended price of $299. Despite its proper unveiling earlier this month failing to impress, consumers don’t seem to have been deterred – Amazon’s launch stock of the hybrid device has already sold out.