Square Enix Set To Reveal New Game Later Today


Taking to its official Twitter feed, publisher Square Enix has confirmed plans to reveal a new game later today via a “unique, interactive experience.”

Tethered with the placeholder Project CKP for now, there is little to no information about the product at the time of writing, nor whether it is a brand new IP or a continuation/reboot of an existing property. All we know for sure is that the announcement itself will involve popular streaming service Twitch in some shape or form, and that the reveal will take place over a period of three days.

Currently, Square Enix is overseeing development of a new Hitman title coming from IO Interactive, while a bold new Deus Ex game is also understood to be incubating in the works at Eidos Montreal. Said announcement could be either of these nascent projects, or it could be none of them, but it seems safe to assume that the Japanese publisher is set to reveal new information pertaining to IO’s Hitman title given that we haven’t heard much about its progress in quite some time.

Couple this with the fact that the Rupert Friend-led adaptation is hitting cinemas this summer and it makes perfect sense for Square Enix to begin trumpeting the release of new video game to coincide with the renewed interest in all-things-Agent 47.

We’ll have a full rundown on this mysterious Square Enix announcement when we learn more so, in the words of the company itself, please be excited.