Square Enix Trademarks Guns & Souls In Europe

This past week Square Enix filed an application in Europe to trademark the name Guns & Souls for use in a video game. While the trademark was registered by the Japanese company, it is entirely possible that one of Square Enix Europe’s (formally known as Eidos Interactive before Square Enix merged with the Japanese publisher in 2009) studios would handle any development on a Guns & Souls title.

Typically trademark applications for video games don’t reveal anything about what the possible title could be — assuming it ever gets developed into a finished product — and the Guns & Souls trademark is no exception to that rule. With no official word from Square Enix, we will just have to wait for the game’s official announcement to see what the trademark is being used for.

Aside from Guns & Souls, Square Enix also filed trademarks in Europe for Hitman: International Contract Agency and Hitman: ICA. The trademarks refer to the company that Agent 47 (the protagonist in the Hitman series) works for, and Siliconera speculates that it could be related to a Hitman title that is in development at Square Enix Montreal.

With E3 about five months away it is entirely possible that we will hear something official on Guns & Souls and Hitman: International Contract Agency in the near future. We will let you know as soon as Square Enix confirms either title.