Your SSX Lift Ticket Purchase Has Been Delayed Two Extra Weeks

It’ll be a couple of extra weeks before we’ll be able to slide down some of the world’s most exotic and outrageous mountains, in SSX. The high-definition reboot has been briefly delayed from its previously announced Valentine’s Day release date. North American gamers can expect to find it on store shelves on February 28, while “the rest of the world” will be able to ride the digital slopes on March 2.

This second delay was officially confirmed by the game’s producer, Tom Batty, who mentioned that his team felt the need for more time to add in a “final bit of polish.” Below, you’ll be able to find his written reasoning, which is posted on the game’s official website:

“Over the course of more than 10 years of making games I have not worked on a single project where our team did not wish, coming down the home stretch, that we could have just a bit more time,” wrote Batty. “There is a reason why Tricky and SSX 3 are still among the highest rated games of all time, and it is because even playing them today they still stand the test of time. Our goal from Day 1 was to re-launch this amazing franchise with a new SSX game that could live up to that legacy.”

Although SSX is one of the top games on my (early) 2012 most wanted list, I’m willing to wait in the name of polish. It’s much more fun to play a fully finished game, than one suffering from any sort of issue. From the looks of things, the wait will be worthwhile. Hopefully that assumption will end up being true.