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Stan Lee’s Brilliant Cameo In Marvel’s Spider-Man Has Been Revealed

Though the game's yet to officially release, one eagle-eyed player has already uncovered Stan Lee's cameo in Marvel's Spider-Man.

“Love seeing you two together again. You always were my favorites.”

It just wouldn’t be a Marvel property without some form of cameo from the great Stan Lee, now, would it? Such is the case with Marvel’s Spider-Man, the PS4 exclusive from Insomniac Games that’s set for release tomorrow, September 7th.

The open-world licensed title has already scored an impressive 87 on Metacritic (our review), and will likely remain part of the conversation for many more weeks to come, what with the three-part City That Never Sleeps DLC expected to deliver add-on experiences featuring Black Cat and Silver Sable between now and Christmas.

Further details can be found over on Sony’s digital storefront, but for now, YouTuber ‘SupHero Gaming’ (h/t Heroic Hollywood) has uncovered footage of Stan Lee’s rather brilliant cameo in Marvel’s Spider-Man. And we’ll give you a clue: it features a scene involving Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

Pretty cool, no? Like we mentioned before, this is just another example of comic book fan service, as there’s not a Marvel property goes by without Stan Lee making a subtle, but no less brilliant appearance in some shape or form. For example, Avengers: Infinity War had him play the part of a school bus driver.

In this instance, he’s a “short order cook,” who comments on the fact that Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are back together… or are they? Part and parcel of Marvel’s Spider-Man is the ways in which Peter juggles his personal life with his role as New York’s famous Wall-Crawler, so we imagine that dual identity takes a toll on their relationship. You know what they say about great power…

Marvel’s Spider-Man officially makes a beeline for PlayStation 4 tomorrow, September 7th.

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