Star Fox Zero’s Amiibo-Exclusive Content Detailed In New Trailer


So, how about those amiibo figures, eh? Aren’t they just the most genius idea Nintendo have ever come up with? Not only do they look great in a display case, but they’re highly-desirable, collectible and, best of all, most of them can unlock special, exclusive content for various games first-party games.

Enter Star Fox Zero, which will include support for the use of the Falco and Fox amiibo figurines and will – as you’d expect – unlock some pretty cool, custom Arwings. Using the Fox amiibo will unlock the retro Arwing that’s modelled directly on the original from Star Fox on the NES, and even comes with retro music to boot. That one can be used in Star Fox Zero‘s Corneria level.

The Falco amiibo, on the other hand, will give players access to the snazzy Black Arwing, which is more powerful than a standard Arwing, but is less durable against any form of damage. Both amiibo-exclusive Arwing’s can be seen in the game’s newest trailer (above) ahead of its release date on April 22.

Along with the above, Nintendo’s also confirmed that Star Fox Zero will come packaged with an exclusive demo for Star Fox Guard, a tower defence type game set in the Star Fox universe. Picking up the limited first print edition of Star Fox Zero will get you a physical copy of Star Fox Guard. Otherwise, you’ll only be able to get the full game digitally as a download.

Source: VideoGamer