Star Wars 1313 Development Not Affected By Disney Acquisition, For Now

For gamers the most important aspect of Disney’s planned $4 billion acquisition of LucasFilm is that the company will now control LucasArts and all their current projects, including the recently announced Star Wars 1313. While nothing is set in stone it appears that, at least for now, no cancellations are being planned.

Speaking to IGN, LucasArts issued the following carefully worded statement:

“For the time being all projects are business as usual. We are excited about all the possibilities that Disney brings.”

Prior to yesterday’s surprise announcement, Disney had already started to shift their video game efforts away from consoles and towards mobile/social games. Disney CEO Bob Iger restated that focus during a conference call yesterday, but added that the company would consider “opportunistically” licensing the Star Wars IP to other companies for console games.

For now it seems as if Star Wars 1313 is safe, and since the game is already being developed I suspect that Disney will allow it to continue. As for future Star Wars console games, that is anyone’s guess.

Source: Techcrunch