Star Wars Battlefront Campaign May Encompass Entire Saga; “Aggressive” DLC Plan Rumored



In the wake of all the high-profile delays that befell a myriad of title last year, there is already an air of apprehension surrounding some of 2015’s biggest releases in fear that they too could be postponed off the calendar year. And perhaps one of the most prominent of these titles in question is EA and DICE’s upcoming third-person shooter, Star Wars Battlefront.

Ever since that tantalizing, Hoth-set teaser, followed by last year’s behind-the-scenes video, there hasn’t been much in terms of new information, but if a series of leaded reports are to be believed, then fan site Making Star Wars may have stumbled across one of the biggest bounties in the galaxy. Granted, it’s worth noting that you should take this with a grain of salt considering that neither EA or developer DICE have announce anything official.

Covering multiplayer, campaign and even Battlefront‘s purported DLC plans, the documents acquired suggest that the core storyline within the title will span the entire Star Wars saga, with players having the ability to control players on both sides of the Force. Relative to other shooters in the genre, the site also states that the campaign will stretch for much longer, and will primarily take place in and around the events of the original trilogy. In fact, Making Star Wars even goes so far as to say that DICE’s release will serve as a prequel for J.J. Abrams’ upcoming The Force Awakens.

On the other hand, given that this is coming by way of the same studio that moulded Battlefield into the industry titan it is now, Star Wars Battlefront‘s multiplayer component will support up to 64 players, and will incorporate a new-fangled “Hero” system. Essentially, this will replace the traditional killstreak reward, letting you play as characters from the franchise if you happen to hit a hot streak.

Lastly, in what is perhaps the most believable rumor of the bunch, EA has allegedly made plans for an “aggressive” DLC plan, releasing no less the five post-release content packs throughout the course of 2016.

EA has confirmed in the past that it intends to unveil much more about Star Wars Battlefront in the spring. Only then will we know for sure whether any of these aforementioned tidbits are genuine.

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