New Star Wars Battlefront II Video Tells The Story Of An Imperial Soldier


Star Wars Battlefront II is real, it’s out this year and, according to EA, the sequel will come packing “three times the content” of its predecessor from day one. Those are the focal talking points that came out of the publisher’s official unveiling of the title last month, but with its release date still far, far away, there’s many more secrets to unearth, questions to be answered and trailers to be released until launch day rolls around.

Indeed, EA has yet to yank the proverbial curtain all the way back on the so far promising-looking follow-up to 2015’s enjoyable, yet slightly shallow, original, but today’s offering should help to offset the hunger for new details that’s been building up over the last few weeks. We’ve already been privy to the announcement that Battlefront II will have a dedicated campaign told through an Imperial, rather than Rebel, point of view, by way of Imperial pilot Iden Versio, but now we get to know more. Not just about her, but the methods of recruitment that the Empire employs as a whole.

The video details the development team’s decision to make Battlefront II‘s lead a model member of the Empire as one born out of a desire to do something different rather than retell the story through the well-documented perspective of the Rebel Alliance. Iden will be the player’s vessel for that narrative, with the campaign also aiming to work on a more personal level, getting people to understand Iden and why she makes the decisions that she does.

Star Wars Battlefront II is out November 17 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, but you can expect to see a whole lot more at next month’s E3.