Star Wars Battlefront Lands Holiday 2015, EA Holds Battlefield 5 Until 2016


EA has outlined release windows for two of its most-anticipated titles: Battlefield 5 and Star Wars Battlefront. Keen to prevent a clash of IP, the publisher has slated the latter space-faring adventure for holiday 2015, and will hope to capitalize on Star Wars mania given that J.J. Abrams’ Episode VII is also poised to release during that quarter — December 18th, 2015, to be precise.

Interestingly, the company’s chief financial officer, Blake Jorgensen, also stated that Battlefront will be the first entry into the renown franchise that will make the jump from third-person to first-person, and mentioned that Star Wars Battlefront will be EA’s “major first-person shooter” for the year of 2015.

As for Battlefield 5, the company has chosen to hold back the next entry into DICE’s first-person behemoth until 2016. After all, with Battlefield: Hardline occupying the franchise’s annual slot for 2015, there’s absolutely no reason for the publisher to fast-track the next numerical entry in the series. Hell, given that DICE is already knee-deep in Battlefront, any other decision would have surely spread the studio’s resources too thin.

We learned just yesterday that the company also dated Battlefield Hardline, meaning Visceral Games’ heist-centric shooter is now scheduled to drop in March. In the wake Battlefield 4’s turbulent launch late last year, EA has assured fans that Hardline won’t succumb to the same prolonged issues.

As always, we’ll keep you right up to date with all the information pertaining to Battlefield 5 and Star Wars Battlefront. Until then, tell us, which of the aforementioned EA titles are you most looking forward to?