Star Wars Battlefront PC Gameplay Is A Wonder To Behold


During any major convention in the video game industry, it’s so often the case that publishers and studios – particularly third-party ones – will showcase their product on PC, revving up visuals and gameplay standards to the absolute maximum in order to make a lasting impression. It’s an understandable – if disingenuous – tactic, but DICE flew in the face of convention during E3 by demoing all Star Wars Battlefront footage on PlayStation 4, wowing audiences with ultra-realistic renditions of Hoth, Endor and the like.

It was a commendable approach, but it raised one question: How is the PC version shaping up? Very well, as it turns out, after the studio unveiled the first gameplay clip for the platform via Twitter. Check it out below.

Here, DICE is showcasing the Tatooine missions glimpsed during the E3 demos, with playtesters engaging in all-out galactic warfare. As we’ve seen in videos past, the Battlefield developer is aiming to pay homage to the original Star Wars trilogy like never before, rendering all of our favorite locations with striking realism. It’s the reason why almost every teaser induces a sense of nostalgia; from the crisp visuals to the sound design, DICE is hoping to deliver real fan service in a few months’ time.

Star Wars Battlefront is locked for November 17 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Tell us, do you notice much graphical difference in the above clip relative to those earlier gameplay videos from PS4? Let us know in the comments.