Star Wars: First Assault Trademark And Domains Registered

Lucasfilm, the parent company of video game publisher LucasArts, has registered trademarks and several related domain names for an unannounced game titled Star Wars: First Assault.

The registered domains, like, don’t offer any clues as to what First Assault is, as they currently only display blank pages. However, the trademark, originally spotted by Fusible, reveals that the name is for a piece of “interactive entertainment software”.

Additionally, it appears that the title is being planned for a retail release, as the trademark mentions “pre-recorded… DVDs featuring games” packaged together with [the source of that lovely new video game smell] a “manual”.

Star Wars: First Assault‘s trademark reveal follows the exact same pattern that led us to Star Wars 1313‘s announcement back at E3, so there is a good chance that it will turn into an actual product. However, we can only speculate as to what the game will be.

Due to the “Assault” in the title, the speculation front-runner is some kind of spiritual sequel to the 1993 PC game Star Wars: Rebel Assault. Although, we would actually be happier if it ends up being a resurrection of the cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront III.

Whatever game Star Wars: First Assault turns out to be, we will let you know as soon as LucasArts pulls back the curtain.

Source: Xbox360Achievements