Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Art Imagines What An Old Starkiller Would Look Like


As is the case for much of the extended universe material now considered non-canon by Disney, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed still maintains a loyal fanbase to this day. Released way back in 2008 for last-gen consoles, LucasArts’ well-received single-player adventure was one of the studio’s last, prior to the majority of its staff being laid off by the house of Mickey Mouse. Today, the company exists largely as a licensor, no longer having a hand in the franchise’s video game division.

That job has since fallen to EA, of course, which, following a number of disappointing releases, finally delivered one worth shouting about last year in the form of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. In retrospect, Respawn’s first foray into a Galaxy Far, Far Away shares many similarities to Force Unleashed in a gameplay sense but narratively? Not so much. Actor Sam Witwer’s turn as Darth Vader’s secret apprentice remains a popular side story that, despite no longer being considered canon, remains a favorite of many.

Spurred on by an apparent bout of boredom a few months back, HegoDamaskEU decided to imagine how Starkiller would look as an aged, more wisened Jedi and has since decided to share their work with like-minded fans on Twitter.

Pretty cool, right?

According to Hego, the above was achieved through the use of various different programs and editing software, most notably FaceApp and Photoshop, the end result being various interpretations of Starkiller’s older self. Unfortunately, short of reversing its decision to make Force Unleashed canon, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see Disney bring back the beloved character, though never say never. Dave Filoni, co-creator of shows such as Star Wars Rebels and The Mandalorian, has reinserted discarded concept art and ideas in the past, and we see no reason why Starkiller couldn’t receive the same treatment.

In fact, one fan has already come up with their own solid theory for how the character could be accommodated for in current Star Wars canon. Check it out over here.

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