Lucasfilm Games Announces Star Wars: Hunters For Switch

Boba Fett

A new adventure set in a galaxy far, far away is headed to Switch later this year.

Announced yesterday during Nintendo’s hour-long Direct broadcast, Star Wars: Hunters is in development at mobile experts Zynga, a name you’ll likely have already heard of thanks to its massively successful existing library of titles which includes the likes of Farmville and Words With Friends. This new venture, of course, represents quite a drastic tonal and gameplay shift from what the company is used to, though Lucasfilm Games clearly believes it’s chosen the right person for the job, so to speak.

The latter describes Hunters as a competitive arena combat experience that will “bring players together to engage in thrilling, team-based multiplayer battles.” As for the beloved characters that you can expect to see make an appearance, we’d hold off on drawing up any wish lists just yet, as judging by the press release, it seems that this spinoff will feature an all-new cast inspired by various eras of the franchise. Which is perfectly fine.


Wookies, Stormtroopers and Force-sensitives are just some of the familiar Star Wars mainstays that you can expect to be present, with battles taking place across myriad “Star Wars-inspired locations.” In terms of narrative, meanwhile, we’re not expecting Hunters to weave an epic tale on the scale of those seen in the films or other media, though it nevertheless is described as sitting somewhere between the original and sequel trilogies.

Considering Zynga’s involvement, we’d imagine that Star Wars: Hunters will be released for Android devices as well as Switch when it arrives and the latter will not require an Online subscription to play. Stay tuned for further updates, though, and be sure to leave your initial thoughts down below.