Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Has A Well-Hidden Order 66 Easter Egg


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order might feature an entirely standalone story filled with new characters, but it’s certainly not shy when it comes to paying homage to the films.

In fact, with such a rich heritage, there’s always the danger of going overboard with neat Easter eggs but Respawn’s single-player adventure strikes the right balance. With that said, however, only a few days have passed since the game’s official launch, so we expect fans to uncover a wealth of new references in the weeks ahead. As of right now, though, at least one extremely well-hidden nod to Revenge of the Sith has already been found.

Be warned: those of you who have yet to see Cal’s journey through to its end should be aware that the following contains minor story spoilers.

So, the Easter egg in question. Reading the headline, you’ll know that the secret relates to the Jedi-purging Order 66 issued by Emperor Palpatine in Episode III. As for its context, you’ll need to progress Fallen Order‘s story until Cal travels to Bracca. Here, the Padawan will experience a foreboding vision and be prompted to follow his comrade Prauf through several train carriages until one of the doors slams shut.

Instead of turning around and going in the other direction – as most people would when presented with a dead-end – Cal can instead interact with the locked door’s switch. Initially, the action appears to serve no purpose, but keep hitting the button and eventually, Palpatine’s unmistakable voice will come through the intercom and utter “Execute Order 66.”

How many times do you have to smash that blasted button, you might ask? Why, no less than 66, of course. How anyone managed to stumble upon this particular reference is beyond me, but clearly some Star Wars fans just like pressing things they’re not supposed to more than others.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.