New Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Game Reportedly In The Works, But Not At EA


With EA no longer being the sole proprietor of all things Star Wars in video games, many fans are eager to see what will come of the accessibility other developers now have to the franchise.

For those not aware, the newly-established Lucasfilm Games – largely seen as a successor to the defunct LucasArts – confirmed earlier this month that it would be collaborating with the industry’s top talent to provide further adventures in a galaxy far, far away not just created by EA. Ubisoft has already thrown its hat into the ring with the announcement of an open world RPG set in George Lucas’ universe and many more are expected to follow. One of these is a remake or third installment for BioWare’s beloved Knights of the Old Republic released way back in the early 2000s and followed up several years later with Obsidian Entertainment’s equally terrific sequel.

While nothing concrete has ever come of the rumors, various individuals, including reputable journalist Jason Schreier, have alluded to the existence of such a project. Additional details have been few and far between over the last several months, though, and only recently regained traction in light of EA losing exclusive rights to the IP.

In a thread over on ResetEra speculating on who could be handling a new Knights of the Old Republic, Schreier once again fanned the flames, stating: “Nobody’s going to guess right that’s for sure.” Likewise, shinobi602, communications manager at Wushu Studios, contributed to the discussion by saying the developer’s identity isn’t as mysterious as many think and more a case of it not being a household name “most people are aware of.”

To cut a long story short, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is looking likely to return, just not under EA and certainly not BioWare. Naturally, we’re eager to hear who you think has been chosen for such an ambitious project, so let us know in the usual place below!